About Us

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by and read my travel and cooking journey.

This website is owned by Endah W Rønnes, born and raised in Indonesia, currently living in Norway.

Born in July and Graduated in Law from Brawijaya University Malang, Indonesia.

In Norway, I have studied at the Norwegian language school, worked 1.5 years in different kindergarten schools.

I love cooking, traveling, watching movies and listening to music.

One of my greatest dreams, is to travel around the world so much throughout my lifetime.

Isn’t it always exciting to recall the memorable visited places? Indeed, it is!

That definitely takes time, maybe whole life is not enough to explore the wonderful places of this planet, but one has to start from somewhere.. so here is one step to my journey.

Not just exploring the wonderful places, I also like to meet new and friendly people.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries. I’m open to new ideas, looking forward to hear your comments and suggestions.